ISO 27001 – Information Security-Managementsystem

ISO/IEC 27001 is a leading international standard for information security management systems (ISMS). ISO/IEC 27001 is the most important cyber security certification.

The aim of the standard is to provide organisations of all sizes with clear guidelines for planning, implementing, monitoring and improving their information security. The normative requirements can generally be applied to private as well as public companies or non-profit institutions.

“IT security as well as cloud-based applications are key enablers for strong businesses of the future, according to Hacket’s research.”

– Paragon Digital Innovation and Sustainability GmbH

Why certificate according to ISO 27001 ?

Send a strong signal to your internal and external customers about the security of information, data and systems. The digitalisation of companies has innumerable advantages, but also risks, because IT is repeatedly the target of external attacks.

These risks can range from data loss and misuse of confidential information to downtime and idle equipment. Damage resulting from these risks often has a major legal as well as financial impact. Soft factors such as negative press and the associated loss of customer confidence are included.

Among the advantages, the increased availability of the systems and thus the ability to deliver to customers should clearly be mentioned. This enables companies to gain additional market share over their competitors.

How does Paragon help?

After certification is before certification! In the course of the accompanying PDCA (Plan Do Check Act) cycle, it is essential to conduct regular audits of the business processes.

The planning, implementation, evaluation and follow-up are very efficient with the help of Paragon Audit. Clever End2End processes support all persons involved.

Audit planning

The starting point for an ISO 27001 audit is the company processes, which are configured once in the app.

As part of the preparation, the user links all relevant business processes of his organisation with the regulatory requirements of the corresponding audit according to the business process matrix.

The basis for each audit carried out with Paragon Audit always has the same structure and follows a uniform logic: all information is stored in the cloud and can be reused for future audits without additional effort.

This solution enables a central and uniform information platform for all internal auditors of the using company. A digital assistant supports the user in every step of the preparation.

Conduct Audit

In the app, the extracted requirements from the standards are linked to the auditor’s observations. This makes audits comparable across several auditors by creating a uniform documentation structure.

The app contains all current requirements, which are updated cloud-based in the app. Within a clause, the auditor evaluates the sum of observations on a risk scale.

The direct assessment of risk for each audit finding is done on a logical scale. The scale translates risk both visually and in binary terms. This implements a consistent risk-based approach as an integral part of the audit system in the app.

This enables the company to transparently present risks at the overall process level.

and Actions

In addition to the audit module, the Paragon Actions Portal plays a central role in the seamless communication between the auditor and the auditee. All deviations specified in the audit are automatically transferred into an action plan within the app and assigned to the linked process owners as tasks. This eliminates the need for manual checklists and sustainably reduces the documentation effort, as all observations are already digitally available in the tool.

The role and rights concept enables digital processing of the action plan in the cloud including task-specific documentation and filing as well as approval workflow and release for each individual action and proof of effectiveness. The automatic documentation of changes to submitted measures provides transparency and quick recording of changes. Preset rules, according to standard, pre-schedule the implementation of measures and thus help auditees and auditors to meet deadlines.

The final report automatically generated by “Paragon Audit” is available within a few seconds after the audit has been completed. All results are graphically visualised for simplified analysis and evaluation. The audit report is generated within seconds at the touch of a finger, including cover sheet and signatures of auditor and other stakeholders.


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